Electro Pollution ( Electro Magnetic Frequencies ) - A Silent Killer,   EMF Harmonizer ( Radiation Protector ) (Pocket Card)

Electro Pollution ( Electro Magnetic Frequencies ) - A Silent Killer, EMF Harmonizer ( Radiation Protector ) (Pocket Card)


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EMF Harmonizer, Radiation Protector (Pocket Card)

Our Body is Bio-Electrical in Nature. Our Immunity and all body system especially Brain and Heart are Electrically Active. Death itself is defined as the absence of Electrical Activity in the Brain.

Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) being emitted by our Modern Inventions creates a Disorder in our all
Body Systems, results a list of Disease called (ARS) 
Acute Radiation Syndromes as:
·       Auto-Immunity,
·       Alzheimer,
·       Brittle Diabetes,
·       Brain Tumer,
·       Blood Pressure
·       Cardiovascular,
·       Cancer,
·       Change in Behavior
·       Cataracts,
·       Disruption in our natural energy level,
·       Depression,
·       DNA Damage,
·       Fertility Impairment,
·       Fatigue,
·       Genetic  Effects,
·       Headaches,
·       Hair Loss,
·       Leukemia,
·       Lac of Concentration,
·       Memory Loss,
·       Miscarriages,
·       Nervous Break Down,
·       Nervous Disorder,
·       Parkinson,
·       Sleeping Disorder,
·       Thalassemia,
·       and many other are   Acute Radiation Syndromes   (ARS), have been suggested Resulting from exposure to EMF Radiations.

·                 EMF Radiations Spreading worldwide and henceforth proving out of control SILENT KILLERS.

·        An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

·        Don't compromise with these Deadly EMF's at the cost of Your Precious Life. Protect Your Loved Ones.

Take control of Your Health:
·        Do not Delay Must use EMF Harmonizers, today
and start a Healthier, Smarter, Vibrant & Normal Life. It is absolutely safe. NO SIDE EFFECT.

·        EMF Harmonizer is Highly Advance Breakthrough in Medical & Quantum Science Technology by which we can successfully reduce Harmful Effects of EMF Radiation.

·         EMF Harmonizers are blend of precious component (Zeolite-A4) which is certified by PCSIR Laboratories Ministry of Science & Technology, Pakistan.

·        EMF Harmonizers are ION Exchanger and Adsorbent Catalysts, Neutralize, Harmonize and Nullify Harmful Effects of Radiations. Henceforth creates Balance in Bio-Electric Field of our Body.

·        Thus Energy Level of every single CELL of our body increases to the ideal 70-90(mille-volt).

·        Harmonizer is useful for your body. It protects your body from “Harmful Radiations” of Boosters, Towers, Cell Phones.

·        EMF Harmonizers can be used 24 hours a day, for longer lasting results one has wear at least one month.

How to use EMF Harmonizer:
·        EMF Harmonizer Card or Pendant  (Wear in neck to reduce harmfull effects of EMF surroundings)

·        EMF Harmonizer Chip (paste on Cell Phone, Laptop, Computer, Microwave oven, Wi-Fi device etc)

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